SCANPUB director, Jostein Gripsrud, participated at the annual «Kulturrikets tilstand» conference in Oslo

SCANPUB director, Professor Jostein Gripsrud, participated at the «Kulturrikets tilstand» conference 2017.

The 2017 conference theme was «Nationalism or multiculturalism – what does cultural policy in a multiethnic Norway do?». Jostein Gripsrud talked about «Nasjonen som fiksjon og faktum» [The nation as fiction and fact].

The conference took place on October 25, 2017 at Gamle Logen in Oslo. Watch Gripsrud´s presentation here (from 32 minutes).

Jens E. Kjeldsen talked about «Immigrants as rhetorical weapon» at Sampol-konferansen 2017

Hilmar Mjelde

SCANPUBs postdoc Hilmar Mjelde and Professor Jens E. Kjeldsen participated at «Sampol-konferansen» 2017. 

The 2017 conference theme was populism. Jens E. Kjeldsen talked about «Flyktninger som retorisk våpen» [Immigrants as rhetorical weapon]. Postdoc Hilmar Mjelde gave a talk titled «10 måneder med president Trump» [10 months with President Trump], which was followed by a discussion on the theme with Jens E. Kjeldsen and Associate Professor Michael Alvarez, Department of Comparative Politics, UoB.

The conference took place between the 5th and 6th of October at the University of Bergen. Read more about it here.

Lecture on alternative media at «Forskningsdagene UNG»

img_5039_foto_sigve-ferstad_previewPhoto: Sigve Ferstad

SCANPUB PhD Candidate Silje Nygaard gave a talk on immigration critical alternative media at Forskningsdagene UNG on September 28.

The aim of Forskningsdagene UNG is to create enthusiasm and understanding of research among high school students. Nygaard talked about how immigration critical alternative media online tell the news, and how they currently challenge traditional news media as gatekeepers of the public debate.

Shabana Rehman om innvandringsdebatten i Norge

Onsdag 6. september besøker journalist, komiker, forfatter og samfunnsdebattant Shabana Rehman Universitetet i Bergen og SCANPUB.

Rehman skal fortelle om sine inntrykk av innvandringsdebatten i Norge og reflektere over sin egen rolle i den. Foredraget er åpent for alle og foregår på rom 548 på SV-fakultetet, kl. 10.15-12.00. Det er satt av god tid til spørsmål og diskusjon.

SCANPUB director, Professor Jostein Gripsrud, will participate in the first Holberg Debate on December 3

jostein_gripsrud_1SCANPUB director: Professor Jostein Gripsrud

The first Holberg Debate will focus on dilemmas related to free speech and exchange of information in the digital age.

Timothy Garton Ash, Professor of European Studies at the University of Oxford, will be the keynote speaker at the first Holberg Debate on Saturday, December 3 – 15:00 – 17:00. Ash will elaborate on the central themes of his 2016 book Free speech: Ten Principles for a Connected World. After an interview with Anine Kierulf, Ash will join a panel debate with SCANPUB director, Professor Jostein Gripsrud (University of Bergen) and Kari Steen-Johnsen (Director at the Institute for Social Research) about dilemmas related to free speech, information controll and the need for civilized conflict in modern multicultural societies. How can we build a framework for ‘civilized conflict’ in multicultural societies where different world views determine which types of expression that are deemed unacceptable?

Read more about the Holberg Debate and The Holberg prize here.