SCANPUB Summer Symposium 2018

SCANPUB just conducted its second annual Summer Symposium in the city centre of Bergen. The Symposium opened thursday 30 August focusing on quantitative comparative studies. Professor Jan Fredrik Hovden and Postdoctoral fellow Hilmar Mjelde held the first presentation, ”Immigration in Scandinavian newspapers 1970-2015”, with results from SCANPUB`s quantitative content analysis. As the program from August 30th to August 31st consisted of presentations on quantitative comparative studies, qualitative studies of public discourse, and refugee-related issues both from a refugee point of view and from immigration ministries’, the Symposiums participants discussed a wide range of issues related to SCANPUB`s aims. The program details can be found here.

SCANPUB would like to thank all of the participants’ great contribution to the Symposium, making it an event of important and inspiring speaches and discussions (some of which will be posted in the following weeks).