Two new publications from SCANPUB’s team

An article by Professor Jens E. Kjeldsen recently got published in The Journal of the Media Ecology Association, Explorations in Media Ecology (EME). The article is titled: “Working through immigration with images”. The article proposes the concept rhetorical working through as a way of describing how photojournalistic rhetoric functions as ‘equipment for living’. It argues that humans constantly perform three kinds of rhetorical working through: dealing with issues and arguments, dealing with social relations and dealing with identity and self.

Also, an article by Professor Hallvard Moe got published in the journal for Social Media + Society. The article is titled “Comparing Platform “Ranking Cultures” Across Languages: The Case of Islam on YouTube in Scandinavia”. This article is concerned with how different agencies play out in shaping public debate online and, for this purpose, employs an approach that acknowledges the role not just of algorithms seen in isolation, but in context with users. The empirical case is YouTube video search results related to Islam in Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish.