Publications from SCANPUB in Javnost – The Public

Articles by several researchers from SCANPUB’s team have been published in the latest issue of Javnost – The Public, journal of the European Institute for Communication and Culture, Volume 26, 2019 – issue 2. This is an interdisciplinary peer-reviewed journal in the social sciences that address problems of the public sphere on international and interdisciplinary levels. Issue 2, Volume 26, is devoted to the SCANPUB project, and many of the articles are open access and available here.


Below is a complete list and short introduction to SCANPUB’s publications in Javnost – The Public, Volume 26:




  • Professor Jan Fredrik Hovden & Postdoc Hilmar Mjelde’s article “Increasingly Controversial, Cultural, and Political: The Immigration Debate in Scandinavian Newspapers” contains a content analysis of a representative sample of articles for two newspapers for each Scandinavian country for the period 1970–2016. Focusing on broad Scandinavian trends and major national differences, the results support the general claims about national differences in Scandinavian immigration debate, and also suggest some major developments, in particular the rise of immigration as an issue for debate and for national politicians.


  • Professor Hallvard Moe’s article “Wikipedia as an arena and source for the public. A Scandinavian comparison of “Islam”” compares Wikipedia as an arena and source for the public through analysis of articles on “Islam” across the three Scandinavian languages. The analysis illustrates how our understanding of the online realm profits from “groundedness,” and how the comparison of similar sites in different languages can yield insights into cultural as well as political differences, and their implications.